Industrial Flash Memory Media at Memorysolution

The industrial flash memories selected by Memorysolution are specifically optimized for industrial applications and feature fixed BOM (Bill of Materials), long-term availability, reliability and durability, and an extended temperature range.

What is Industrial Flash?

Industrial flash memory (also industrial SSD) is the term used to describe internal storage media for industrial use that enable data storage without a power supply. In contrast to the classic HDD hard disk, flash memories are semiconductor-based memories without moving parts.

Are Industrial Flash Memory and Industrial SSD the same thing?

Strictly speaking: No. However, industrial flash memories are often also called industrial SSD. This happens because SSD hard disks store data in flash memory chips. These are installed in a casing and connected via drive ports. Thus, every SSD hard drive is a flash storage medium, whereas not every flash memory is an SSD hard drive (e.g. memory chips without a casing).

What are the Distinguishing Features of Industrial Flash Memory?

The Industrial Flash memories selected by Memorysolution are specifically optimized for industrial applications and are characterized by the following factors:

  • Fixed BOM (Bill of Materials)
    In the industrial sector, customers are dependent on the individual components of the memories not being changed within a series, as this can lead to compatibility problems. Thus, in the course of product evaluation, the memories are tested and validated. With a fixed BOM, memory manufacturers guarantee that the list of components of the memory remains exactly the same. This includes both hardware elements (such as controllers or flash devices) and software elements (such as the firmware version of the controller).

  • Long-term availability
    Memory module discontinuation can cause expensive re-designs. The Industrial Flash memories selected by Memorysolution are characterized by long-term availability. They also comply with JEDEC standards, which promote interchangeability and improvement of the respective products.

  • Reliability and durability
    The industrial environment is characterized by special demands on reliability and durability of the flash memories. As a general rule, SSD hard disks are less susceptible to failure than HDD hard disks because they have no mechanical components. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to high quality. Especially in critical applications such as in the medical sector, in railroad technology or in aviation, it must be ensured that the solutions used can be relied on for years, even under demanding conditions: shock and vibration resistance are often of particular importance here. The use of selected A-grade components, suitable controllers and flash technologies, which you will find at Memorysolution, guarantees exactly that. You need more information? Our industry experts will be happy to advise you!

  • Extended temperature range
    The topic of reliability also includes the operating temperature for which the flash memories are designed. A basic distinction is made between the following levels:
    - Standard Grade or Commercial: 0 °C to 70 °C
    - Extended Grade: -15 °C to 85 ° C
    - Industrial Grade: -40 °C to 85 °C
    - Automotive: -40 °C to 125 °C
    - Military Grade: -55 °C to 125 °C

    Especially for outdoor applications and for closed devices without external fan (like e.g. industrial computers) it is important that you pay attention to the appropriate level when selecting your Industrial Flash memory. We can provide you with the right flash memory for any requirement and for all temperature ranges to achieve outstanding reliability. Note:

    But watch out! Even though the one presented here is the common differentiation of the levels, some manufacturers "cook their own soup" here. Therefore, it is better to ask twice and, of course, always feel free to contact our experts in case of doubt.