Memory solutions for industrial needs

Our Industrial business unit specializes in the authorized distribution of memory components, including ICs, industrial-grade memory modules and SSDs, with a broad spectrum of industry-relevant technologies and manufacturers. In doing so, we go beyond the mere provision of components and act as an active partner in our customers' development process.

Focus products

Memory components (ICs)

Industrial grade RAM

Industrial grade SSD

Core competencies

- Our consulting is vendor-neutral and independent, with no preferences or commitments to specific manufacturers.

- Our expertise includes in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of various manufacturers in relation to customer-specific applications and considers all relevant aspects in IC selection.

- We avoid unnecessary costs for our customers by preventing redesigns and ensuring that the products selected are optimally tailored to their needs.

- We provide proactive support for compatibility issues through direct communication with the manufacturer, adjustment of software or timings.

- We ensure that information is provided quickly and provide rapid sampling to speed up the development process.

- We ensure long-term availability through the creation of fixed parts lists and through 100% stockpiling in the case of framework agreements.

- Our strategies include second sourcing and reliable product follow-up strategies to ensure the highest security of supply.

- We offer comprehensive support with personal contacts who are available throughout the entire project duration.

- We reliably accompany our customers through all EOL and PCN processes.

- Our approach includes providing compatible product alternatives (second sourcing) and developing reliable product succession strategies to ensure continuous availability

- If required, we configure discontinued memory modules according to individual customer requirements and manufacture them in industrial grade quality.


Our linecard offers comprehensive coverage of all industry-relevant storage technologies and manufacturers

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