Declarations of Conformity


Declarations of Conformity and Handling of Conflict Minerals

Mineral raw materials are indispensable for the production of electronic components - and thus for large parts of the industrial value chain. As an international specialist distributor for memory ICs and modules based in Breisach am Rhein, we are subject to the directives of the European Parliament. These, in the form of the RoHS Directive (RoHS = "Restriction of (the use of certain) Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic Equipment"), provide for a restriction on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

The aim of the regulations is to protect the environment and human health from permanent organic pollutants. The European Chemicals Regulation known as REACH (Regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of CHemicals) is also intended to ensure a high level of protection for human health and the environment. REACH is based on the principle that manufacturers, importers and downstream users take responsibility for their chemicals.

The deposits of tin, tantalum, tungsten or coltan are limited to a few regions of the earth. These include large parts of Central and South Africa, many of which have been classified as crisis areas for years. Thus, warlords and radical armed groups use the raw material deposits as a source of income and to finance further armed conflicts. The EU Conflict Minerals Regulation, which came into force in 2017, creates a due diligence system for the supply chain. The goal is to better monitor and limit trade in conflict minerals to responsible, conflict-free sources.

REACH Notification 

To ensure protection of both human health and the environment, we work exclusively with suppliers who guarantee that chemicals they manufacture and place on the market are used safely. We are happy to provide you with our current REACH notification upon request. Of course, we can also provide you with other certificates of conformity upon request.

RoHS Certificate of Conformity

The aim of the EU RoHS regulation is also to protect human health and the environment by avoiding various substances and heavy metals. Namely, these are lead, mercury, chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, cadmium and various phthalates. We are happy to provide you with our current RoHS Certificate of Conformity upon request. Of course, we will also provide you with further certificates of conformity upon request.

Dealing with Conflict Minerals

The extraction of minerals in conflict areas such as the DR Congo takes place under massive violations of human rights. The promotion of such conditions is not compatible with our set of values and contradicts our self-image as a sustainably operating company. To ensure responsible sourcing, we purchase exclusively from manufacturers who comply with the regulations of the EU Conflict Minerals Regulation. The essential regulations have been in force since 01.01.2021 and apply to tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold.