Server Barebones

Server barebones form the basic framework of a complex server system, which can be equipped with further components. Basically, it is an incompletely assembled PC, which usually only consists of a case, power supply, CPU fan and mainboard. As an authorized Supermicro distributor, Memorysolution offers you a wide selection of Supermicro server barebones.

Barebones as the basis for custom-fit server systems

Server Barebones offer you the possibility to configure units of your data center according to your ideas. Thus, with the barebone as a basic framework, you can assemble your system according to your needs, adding exactly the parts and software you need for your system. It is also possible to replace hard disks during operation. By using RAID arrays with multiple hard disks, you thus increase fail-safety.

Individual server configuration with Mustang Systems

As part of Memorysolution GmbH, the Mustang Systems business unit supplies you with individual complete solutions tailored to your specific needs. In many cases, products from our partner Supermicro are used for this purpose. Supermicro's product range includes all necessary standards and sizes from U1 rackmount to tower solutions and gateway solutions. Together with our consulting expertise, this results in solutions that are unique, efficient and cost-optimized.