Samsung Semiconductor

Samsung and Memorysolution - Authorized Distribution since 1999

Thanks to more than 20 years of successful cooperation, Memorysolution GmbH is now one of the largest distributors of Samsung Semiconductor memory components in Central Europe. As a specialist distributor for memory ICs and modules, we are happy to have Samsung Semiconductor, the world's largest and most technologically advanced DRAM manufacturer, as a partner at our side.

As an authorized Samsung Semiconductor distributor, we stand for customer support and service at the highest level. By specializing in business-oriented, high-performance enterprise storage solutions in conjunction with a highly qualified core team, we can reliably deliver almost any storage solution at short notice and stock it for the long term if desired.

Samsung Semiconductor

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Samsung Semiconductor is an industry-leading provider of component solutions based on DRAM and flash memory, SoC (System-on-a-Chip), camera sensors, OLED and LED technologies. In doing so, Samsung, as the world's largest semiconductor and DRAM manufacturer, provides the basis for industrial megatrends in various application areas such as AI, 5G, IoT, cloud computing or automotive.


Samsung Electronics has been the undisputed world's largest DRAM manufacturer for years and stands for advanced memory technology like no other. Samsung's DRAM solutions are used in laptops and desktop PCs, high-performance servers and network structures as well as in the automotive sector.

SOCs, OLED and LED Displays and ISOCELL Image Sensors

The automotive industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. In the process, the classic combustion engine will become a discontinued model for most automakers and give way to electric drives in the medium term. In addition, the automotive industry is increasingly working on the development of driver assistance systems and fully automated driving (autonomous driving). This requires the vehicle to be able to perceive its environment, communicate with it and react independently. By developing industry-leading technologies, Samsung is providing the technological basis for mastering the revolution in the automotive sector. In addition to advanced memory technology for data backup, these include SOCs for infotainment applications, camera sensors for visualizing the vehicle's surroundings, or so-called "panorama displays" for improving the user experience. Samsung's ISOCELL image sensors provide ultra-high resolution images for improved visibility and safe driving.

Smartphones and wearables
In addition to applications in the automotive sector, Samsung Semiconductor offers image sensors for smartphones and wearables, which, in addition to their small size, are characterized by the best energy efficiency and reliability.

Samsung's ISOCELL technology opens up new possibilities in professional mobile photography and makes it possible to instantly capture ultra-high resolution images with exceptional clarity and lifelike colors anytime and anywhere.

Leveraging Samsung's state-of-the-art pixel technology and advanced HDR capabilities, ISOCELL's mobile image sensors accurately preserve every hue and shade in the image to bring your stories and memories to life.


In addition to innovative hardware, autonomous driving requires a seamless 5G network to communicate in real time. To continuously improve performance, Samsung is working with two of the world's leading network infrastructure providers operating in Europe. In doing so, products such as Samsung's Exynos enable unprecedented data transfer speeds with support for 5G connectivity, which also find application in areas such as cloud gaming, streaming and IoT. Due to its small size, high performance and excellent energy efficiency, Samsung Exynos processor is the foundation for next-generation smartphones and wearables.


LED has long been the preferred option for sustainable lighting, and not just in the automotive sector. Samsung offers a whole range of products for several applications, whether indoor or outdoor, from the illumination of smartphone displays to the lighting of greenhouses.