Individual Product Development

Licensed Manufacturing of Original Modules with Fixed BOM

Individual Product Solutions for Discontinued Products

Particularly for medium-sized companies, the discontinuation of components or modules sometimes represents a major challenge. In order to avoid production downtimes, many companies are faced with high financial obligations in the form of "last time buy" inventories and have to bear high warehousing costs for components held in stock for the long term. In addition, electronic components age during storage, which means that they can only be processed for a limited time. Although most semiconductor manufacturers provide recommendations regarding a suitable replacement type, the installation of new modules requires a time-consuming and cost-intensive qualification of all components. 

Module Manufacturing with Fixed BOM

Our service promise includes not only the development of succession strategies but also the development of individual product solutions together with renowned manufacturers. This means that our customers can continue to obtain the parts they need without risk and with long-term security, and are not forced to purchase outside authorized channels. 

 Your advantages: 

  • Fixed BOM -> no technical changes regarding chip versions in the availability period
  • Licensed -> production of original modules in industrial quality
  • Stable source of supply -> no disruptions in the supply chain
  • Long-term availability -> thanks to 100% stockpiling for master agreements

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