Network With Up to 100G Switch

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things are already bringing huge amounts of data with them. With our network components, you can create a modern, fast and, above all, agile network infrastructure. Companies that currently process a lot of data have therefore been relying on 100 Gigabit networks for a little longer. But also for smaller companies an upgrade brings immense advantages. Certainly taking into account the cost-benefit aspects. Allergings with the advancing digitalization, there is no way around it for many companies at some point. Especially since an efficient use of racks can be better utilized and servers and switches can be reduced.

Network – Relevant Information

Check Network Switches, Cables and Adapters

Before a changeover, it is necessary to check exactly what of the existing components will still work afterwards and what needs to be replaced. This applies in particular to older switches. In many cases, replacement is necessary when increasing the network speed with more modern switches. The situation is different with servers, for example. For these, adapters are partially available. 

For High-End Networks: Layer 2/3 100G/40G Ethernet SuperSwitch 

SSE-C3632S-SMCPL100G (standard airflow) and SSE-C3632SR-SMCPL100G (return airflow) with Supermicro OS are the latest from Supermicro in the field of 100G switching as of November 2020. Depending on the existing connections, Ethernet QSFP28 ports in SSE-C3632S can be configured for either a 40 Gbps or a 100 Gbps port. Thus, a flexible Ethernet structure of the data center is possible. Additionally, this switch can also be connected to up to 128 25G ports with separate cables.

The compact 1U form factor allows the switch to be positioned in a standalone environment or integrated into a ToR (top-of-rack) environment. Both switches are ideal for data centers, cloud and enterprise environments with high data volumes and demanding computing tasks.

Switches for Smaller Networks

In addition to the most technologically advanced systems, you will of course also find components for less extensive solutions in our online store. Perhaps just the right spare part or the necessary addition to optimize your existing network.